Thursday, April 4, 2013

things not to do when making a short film online. (youtube or vimeo.)

After putting my this short on youtube, I have realised quite a few things from observation as well as experiences.

1.) Do not make a long movie. Audience are watching the shorts mostly on  the computer or mobile phones. And mostly while in the bus or train. Or while waiting. 1-5 minutes is good.

2.) Capture their attention in the 1st 10 secs. Same as demo reel. After that if u dun hold their attention, they will skip. Can be a familar place/song/image.. a song etc..

3.) Different pple have different tastes. dun bother pleasing everyone.

4.) Ask what is the objective of the short. To get eyeballs, an excerise in film making, it doesn't matter. Make it have appeal.

Add as I go along. Things to remember for my next short.

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