Thursday, April 4, 2013


Around 3.5 years ago, after a couple of years in the industry, I set out to create my own personal short. I do not have anything deep or important to say. But I have always wanted to entertain. That was the primary reason that I even got into this industry in the 1st place.

There were a hosts of other reason. My ego being one of them. I wanted to make my own movie.  I do not want to be a director or a art director. There are much more talented and capable people out there doing it for a living. Of course the short hopefuly is competent enough to get attention as well.

I wanted to have a shot at making my own short and see where it can go. Doing something that I like and seeing here it can take me. 

Of course if this is the start to hopefully create my own IP and a way out of the industry, that would be great too. If I can make a name for myself to do more of my stuff, great. And hopefully making more and more shorts that I want to see.

Godaizer isn't a deep piece of animation or have something profound to say. It is in essential a self indulgent piece of work that I enjoyed making and also hoped that people will enjoy seeing without insulting their intelligence. I am aware that it was a niche market for the guys in my age group that grew up with the japanese robot cartoons and ultraman tv shows.

I will be lying if I said that I did not care what people thought of it. Which I do. But at the end of the say. I want to make films that entertain.

My mentality and mindset will change and process as I grow. I am sure yours too. I set out with a goal and as your grow goals change. As they would.

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